The mission is to promote youth lacrosse skills, strength, conditioning, training and endurance, to develop character and good sportsmanship and a healthy competitive nature in our players, and to encourage play at a higher level competition.

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Thank you for your interest in Cornwall Youth Lacrosse the 2021 Spring season has had a fantastic start with great weather, good field conditions and already a few wins by our teams. Go DRAGONS!  


but if your player is still interested learning to play lacrosse please email

Volunteers Needed for the 2022 Season:
Join now and help shape CYL for coming years.  

We need volunteers to give our youth the best opportunities possible in lacrosse.

We are looking to replace board memebers in the coming year, so please consider volunteering your time for a good cause. Look for updates under the "VOLUNTEER" tab coming soon. If you can help in way but your interest is not posted email  .



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June Board Meeting
  What: June Board Meeting - Season Wrap-up When: Monday,...
2021 Board Meeting Overviews:
2021 May Boarding Meeting Overview: 1. End of Season Thank...
Welcome to Cornwall Youth Lacrosse
The mission of Cornwall Youth Lacrosse is to teach boys and girls...
June Board Meeting


What: June Board Meeting - Season Wrap-up

When: Monday, June 28th from 7:00-9:00 PM

Where: at Munger Cottage, near the Cornwall Little League fields.

Who: All members welcome, but anyone interested being nominated for a board position and any coaches or anyone interested in coaching next year should plan on attending in person. 

RSVP:  If you plan to attend, please RSVP your name and your intrest in attending (seeking board position, club feedback, coaching plans, etc) at so that adequate time can be built into the adenda to address your presence. 





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2021 Board Meeting Overviews:

2021 May Boarding Meeting Overview:

1. End of Season Thank You! -  A special thank you to coaches, parents and players for sticking with us  as we restarted play in NY as Covid restrictions were easing up. We had a great turnout for the younger girls teams this year but fell a bit short with boys at the younger levels. We did our best to help support our Boys and Girls 7/8 teams, however the season was limited due to the restart of many of our modified opponent teams. Luckily Cornwall plans to have modified next year so all players should have more opportunities to play in years to come.

We thank Washingtonville for working with us to support our Boys K-2, Boys 3/4 teams and Girls 7/8 as we did not have enough players to field our own full teams. So encourage your players friends and neighbors to try lacrosse so we can built a bigger and better team next year.

Parents thank you for driving your kids to lacrosse and other sports, coaching, assistant coaching, and acting as team managers. Your volunteer efforts are the back bone of this organization and we appreciate your support. If you would like to provide feedback for the organization you may email or attend the end of the year meeting June 28th location TBD, check the website just prior. All members are welcome to join.

Coaches, thank you for your willingness to give back, dedication to the players, communications with families and scheduling your games for the season. We were lucky with weather cooperated most of the time and look forward to seeing you at the end of the year meeting open to all members on June 28th location TBD, check the website just prior.   

2. Executive Board Positions - We are respectfully requesting parents or relatives consider one of several board positions coming available in the 2022 season. As players age out, parents who have given so selflessly for their 2 year term will no longer be available to help. Prior board member are always willing to help new members until they get their feet  under them. Each year two members remain to carry on vital functions. We are seeking a new President (due to an unexpected need for relocation), Field/equipment manager and treasurer. Email questions or notes of interest to Get involved so your voice can be heard and make CYL a better recreation organization for our local youth.

3. Budget Review -  The board reviewed the budget line items this meeting. Savings were made having access to Laurel Crest Park this year for practice. While it may not be the best field in town, it has served us well. Equipment costs this year included new loaner goalie gear due to a USA Lacrosse safety mandate. We purchased several replacement nets for our goals and portable goalie creases. Annual club expenses include but are not limited to field rental costs at NYMA, referee fees, league fees, balls, paint to line the fields, web site fees, mail box fees,  uniform replacements, coaching gear, and registration fees for head coaches. Financial considerations and changes will be proposed at the end of the year meeting June 28th and all members are welcome to join.

4. CYL clinics - Recent Grad and CYL past player Gabe F. has been helping with our Boys 7/8 team this year and is interested on setting up camps and clinics so please visit every few weeks to see what we have planned. Keep up your skills or learn new ones in the off season. We will be having a winter after school activity at Cornwall Elementary at Lee road in January for new or experienced players. We are happy to work with COH and Willow Elementary Schools if someone has PTO contact information. If additional coaches are interested in running a clinics please email  

5. Lacrosse Players past HS/College or College Graduates - If you are looking to give back to the local lacrosse community or need community service we would love to hear from you. Whether you want to clinics this summer or help coaches next season please email so we can get you involved. All participants need to have USA Lacrosse Membership number and Level 1 coaching class is encouraged for all coaching positions.

Additionally we have paid work to paint lines during the season. Training will be provided. If you or a friend are interested please contact   

6. Gear Donations - A special thank you goes to many families who donated lacrosse gear. We have about 10 sets of elbow pads, 4 shoulder pads and two helmets for boys. We are working on a lending policy and would like a volunteer next year to take a board position to help with field and equipment management.

We would love to have more donations if you plan on getting rid of gear or you know someone who no longer plays. We do not have any girls equipment to date. Your last chance to drop it off will be June 28th at the end of the season meeting. Location TBD but likely at the town park pavilion if Munger Cottage is not free.

7. Wall Ball - We have had another new idea come to light to make the ball wall a possibility. We have reconsidered a look into this project and have started to discuss this new idea with the town. Donation refunds are available if you have a canceled check noting the donation was for CYL ball wall project. This information has been updated on our website.


 March Boarding Meeting:

1. Field space has been reserved - Tuesdays (5-8 pm), Thursdays (5-8 pm) and Saturday (8-1 pm) at Laurel Crest. Friday evening at NYMA (for select groups as needed) Additional practice and games will be booked as needed for coaches/teams. Locations will include Laurel Creek Park, NYMA and Black Rock.  

2. SYNPR App - Skill up - Kick off event has begun. Players/Parents can down load the app, put in team code, join a challenge and brush up on their lacrosse skill playing wall ball or using a bounce back for prizes. CYL will be giving Swag to winners for each team. Log on and get started.

3.  Boys K-2, Boys 3/4 and Girls 7/8 update - Our program and local programs have a limited number of registered players. Please encourage friends to sign up now if they have not. We have been contacting local clubs to partner up to form teams in the event our numbers stay the same.  You should be contacted in the next 1-2 weeks with a status update. Thank you for your patience. 

4.  COMING SOON - CYL 2021 Swag/Spirit wear - We have partnered with Mixture Print here in Newburgh to create our CYL spirit wear. We will be offering items to be purchased directly from Mixture online. You will bet getting an email with a link on March 28th our launch date. You will also have an opportunity to buy items purchased in previous years at a discounted rate at some practices and games. Players can win swag playing SNYPR.

5. Volunteers - While you may be tired of seeing this item please consider how you too can give back to your community. I know we are all very busy and have daily challenges to meet our families needs. But recreational organizations like ours that are not supported by the town relay on the dedication of several people to bring joy to many.  Board positions will be opening for next year that include: President, Boys Coordinator and Scheduling Coordinator.

6. Equipment Donation - Please consider donating clean, out grown equipment to our program. Equipment will be available to players new to lacrosse in an effort to decrease their initial investment while they explore learning to play lacrosse. To coordinate a donations email

7. Sponsorship - DO YOU OWN A LOCAL BUSINESS? Let us help you. We would like to support our players families by posting information about local businesses on our website. We get about 200 views a day throughout the season. Please send me your business name, website, email and /or phone number with brief description of your services so I can post it on our site for FREE. Thank you for all you do. Supporting locally, strengthens the community.

8.  Kick Off 2021 Event - Check back to the site for information about our event in early April.



February Boarding Meeting Overview:

1. Field space has been reserved - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (for select groups) for practice and Saturdays mornings for home games. Additional practice and games will be booked as needed for coaches/teams. Locations will include Laurel Creek Park, NYMA and Black Rock.  

2. US Lacrosse requirements for goalies - We are verifying our equipment meets the 2021 US Lacrosse requirements and have discussed budgeting new goalie chest protectors at all levels if needed.

3. SYNPR App - We are Beta testing this app for a few teams as way to track players practice progress. As the season goes on we plan to offer merchandise give-a-ways for top winners of set challenges.  More information will be posted on the website when we are can expand to all teams.

4. Wall Ball - We have had several inquiries as to the status of the Wall Ball Project. Please click on the new page on the side bar for the latest information.

5. Spring clinics - Please access our "CLINICS" web page to see the latest local clinic. CYL is planning to schedule our own clinics by team so please register so you do not miss what your coaches may be planning. We will be offering a "New to Lacrosse Clinic" at our kick-off event, tentatively scheduled for April 10th time and location TBA.

5. Boys K-2 Coach need - We are looking for a new coach at the K-2 level for our Boys team. Coaches can be new to coaching. For more detailed information you can look under both our coaches webpage and our volunteer page. If you are interested in volunteering to coach, contact me directly at

We thank all those coaches who have reached out and agreed to helping for the season. Please complete the free coaches registration to get coaches specific messages and communications for the season.

6. Equipment Donation - Please consider donating clean, out grown equipment to our program. Equipment will be available to players new to lacrosse in an effort to decrease their initial investment while they explore learning to play lacrosse. To coordinate a donations email

7. Sponsorship - We posted an invitation on social media to encourage sponsorship on our website. We do get more web traffic as the season goes on with our teams checking on weather, game updates and other teams looking for similar updates.

8. Kick Off 2021 Event - Check back to the site for information about our event in early April.


Jan Boarding Meeting Overview:

1. 7/8 Grade may now register - in the event modified lacrosse will not proceed CYL will plan on supporting 7/8 grade LAX.

2. Late fees has been waived - a few other revenue sources have been identified to defer the increase in overhead so fees can remain at the 2020 prices for this season.

3. Equipment Donation - Please consider donating clean, out grown equipment to our program. Equipment will be available to players new to lacrosse in an effort to decrease their initial investment while they explore learning to play lacrosse. To coordinate a donations email

4. Spring clinics - Due to the missed 2020 season, we would like to set up some FREE Spring clinics for March. Players will need to be registered with US Lacrosse in order to participate. Registration for clinics will open in Feb 2021.

5. New coaches - We are looking for new coaches at the K-2 level. See our volunteer page for more details and feel free to look on our coaches page. We will host a coaching clinic for anyone interested in coaching or new coaches to bring you up to speed before the season starts. Teams usually practice 2 days a week for an hour with 1-2 45 minute games on the weekends. Coaching registration is free on our site and if you are interested you can simply get started by registering or sending an email. High school students who are interested in volunteering to help coaches should contact me directly at 

6. Become a Community Sponsor - Sponsors are key to helping our organization keep costs low for our players. Please consider a monetary donation in exchange for website promotion of your local business.  


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Welcome to Cornwall Youth Lacrosse

The mission of Cornwall Youth Lacrosse is to teach boys and girls the game, skills, and rules of lacrosse. To develop character, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity in our players.  We aim to do this in a fun environment to promote lasting friendships and to encourage a lifetime love of sports.

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