The mission is to promote youth lacrosse skills, strength, conditioning, training and endurance, to develop character and good sportsmanship and a healthy competitive nature in our players, and to encourage play at a higher level competition.

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"New To Lacrosse"?

Here are some frequently asked questions
regarding the Cornwall Youth Lacrosse organization:

What grades can participate in Cornwall Youth Lacrosse?
Boys and Girls in grades K-6th play youth lacrosse.  


How are the teams broken up?
K-2nd Grade Boys

K-2nd Grade Girls

3rd/4th Grade Boys

3rd/4th Grade Girls

5th/6th Grade Boys

5th/6th Grade Girls

Depending on the number of players registered and available coaches, we will determine how many teams we have at each level. Early registration is key to getting the teams made early so players will have the best opportunity for play. 


7th/8th Grade teams are not always supported by CYL due to CCSD initiation of modified Lacrosse in CMS. 

Additionally players often have an opportunity to play on the CHS JV team. 


What equipment is required and where do I get it?
Boys must have:

1. helmet

2. mouth piece

3. shoulder pads

4. elbow pads,

5. gloves

6. a stick. 

7. Athletic protective cup is highly recommended. 

Girls must have:

1. a stick

2. mouthpiece

3. eye protection

4. Gloves are recommended, but not required.


Boys and girls should have cleats – soccer or football cleats are absolutely fine, as long as they do not contain any metal spikes.

We encourage all of our current and past player to donate old equiptment to CYL. We will be conducting an annual swap at the beginning of every season to help reduce costs for new and returning players.  


Do I have to purchase new equipment?
No, you do not have to purchase new equipment.
Your coaches can help determine if your used equipment is safe, fits properly and is in good condition. 
Play It Again Sports has a large selection of both new and used equipment the closed ones are in NJ and CT. We encourage you to also check Craigslist and Facebook Market place for local transations. 


When is the Season?
Lacrosse is a spring season sport usually starting in early to mid March and running through late June. 
Field conditions will determine how early we can start the season.


Can my child play more than one spring sport?   
Although some children do participate in more than sport per season, it is not recommended due to potential scheduling conflicts with practices and games. 


Who will we play?
All teams, boys and girls, will play teams in the Mid-Hudson Valley Area – teams include Warwick, Washingtonville, Pine Bush, Goshen, Monroe-Woodbury, Minisink and others. Teams will occasionally have the opportunity to play in area tournaments as well. Schedules detailing game and practice info will be posted on our website before the beginning of the season.


Is there contact in Lacrosse?
In boys’ lacrosse controlled stick checking is allowed at all levels, but body contact (body checking) is not permitted until players reach the 5th grade.

In Girls lacrosse there is no body checking permitted and only very minimal stick checking.


What if a practice or game is cancelled or postponed?

You should always check our website for the most up-to-date information concerning such matters.  Our website is interconnected to the other teams in the league and this makes it very easy to keep in touch in such events that something gets rescheduled.  Also, you should receive an email or phone call from your coach informing you of the situation. 


My child is very nervous about playing with kids who have played before, how can I help them feel comfortable? 

We welcome new players, but it can be helpful to contact the coach directly and meet before the first practice begins to let them know your player is new. Also have them look at our website page "HOW TO LACROSSE" where they can learn lacrosse terminology and watch videos on a number of skills to get them familiar with things they will be doing in practice. Parents can be supportive by giving lots of encouragement and praise. Kids will gain confidence as they become proficient in learning the basic skills.